Research Project Rubric

If your paper does not meet the 1,500 word minimum then you will receive a 0. If you do not submit to then you will receive a 0. | --- | --- | | |**Outline:** Your group gets these points for turning in the outline.|5 | |**Organization:** The paper flows from paragraph to paragraph. There should be transitions from paragraph to paragraph. If your paper is not double-spaced, you will lose these points.|5| |**Clearly Stated Position:** Your group should make clear what you arguing for from the beginning. If you are proposing a solution, then the problem and proposed solution *must be stated* in the opening paragraphs. You also need to do this for the other two types of papers. |15| |**Evidence**: You need to provide details from your sources that support your position. You can quote from the source. Introductory clauses, and sentences, should be used. You should also try to paraphrase. Make sure that you use parenthetical citation.| 20| |**Convincing Argument:** Was your group's paper convincing? Did you prove your point? This means that as I read through paper there are no gaps in reasoning. For proposing a solution, your solution should be plausible and you should provide a detailed plan to solve the problem. If you argued for the validity of a certain perspective/interpretation, then your group needs to demonstrate why with evidence from your sources. If you argued for more public engagement, then you need to explain why your group thinks so and what this public engagement will look like (this last part should be detailed). |20| | **Works Cited**: Cite your sources according to MLA standards. | 5| **Clear and Precise Language**: These are *individual* points that will be based on the break down of group work that was stated on the outline. Proofread your work before you submit it. Stay away from vague and ambiguous language. Stay away from broad generalizations such as "a lot," "some," "many," and "everyone." Be specific.| 20| **Class Participation**: These are *individual* points. You will receive these points as long as you are not doing other things in class such as homework for other classes or excessive playing on your phone.|10| | |= 100||